Non-Residents Taxes for Canadians

Non-residents living outside of Canada who own real estate or generate income in Canada have tax obligations that cannot be ignored. Filing taxes for non-residents is a tricky and complicated process. Working with a professional accountant is suggested to ensure the correct tax reports are filed.

At HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants, we make the non-resident tax process more manageable through a variety of tax services. These accounting and consulting services help those living outside of Canada to manage their taxes and ensure all filings are done correctly and on time.

Who is a Non-Resident for Canadian Tax Purposes?

According to the CRA, Non-Residents are defined as "those who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada or those without residential ties in Canada". Non-residents must declare all income earned in Canada on their Canadian tax returns.

Non-Resident tax obligations can be complex and varied. For non-residents, most forms of assets and income are taxed, including:

  • Rental Income
  • Dividends & Capital gains
  • Business Income
  • Scholarships & Grants

Those who live outside of the country must also be aware of non-resident taxes. If you have lived outside of Canada for more than 183 days in a calendar year, you may be required to pay non-resident taxes. The only Canadian citizens exempt from these taxes are those who are in the armed forces and the government of Canada workers abroad. Contact a professional accountant to determine your status.

Find a Professional Vancouver Accountant to Manage Non-Residential Tax

At HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants, our team has decades of experience managing non-residential tax payments. We assist both individuals and business owners with their Part XIII tax or Part I tax.

HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants provides significant tax advantages for foreigners living outside of Canada looking for professional and effective tax solutions. We work with clients worldwide to ensure that their Canadian taxes are completed on time without any troubles or issues.

Contact us today for assistance with non-resident taxes.