Personal Tax Services in Surrey

At HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants, we provide a wide range of personal tax consulting and accounting services. Our focus is to minimize stress and tax liability by identifying unique tax-saving advantages and methods for our clients.

Our team has decades of experience assisting Canadians with their personal tax requirements. We provide the following range of financial services to help our clients manage their personal taxes.

Estates & Trusts Tax Services

We offer comprehensive tax services and planning for estates and trust funds. Our certified accountants create personalized plans that meet your needs and financial objectives. We are experts at tax planning and estate tax services in Surrey.

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Personal Taxes

Our team assist with personal tax planning and filing for all Canadian citizens. Our experienced team of accountants can assist with audits, GST filings, income tax filing, and other personal taxes. Our team is accurate and meets every deadline.

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Succession Planning

HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants creates succession plans for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other high-ranking employees. Our team works closely with the business to ensure a smooth and effective transition between owners.

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Non-Resident Taxes

Non-residents of Canada have complicated tax issues that often require professional assistance. At HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants we help clients understand what non-resident tax documents are required, and how to file them correctly.

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Personal Tax Services from HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants

Filing personal taxes can be a stressful and challenging process. Avoid confusion over filing terms and overpaying on personal taxes with our help. Our team of accountants works closely with each client to understand their personal tax situation.

We find unique tax-saving advantages and ensure personal taxes are filed accurately and on time. Contact our team at HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants for professional assistance.