Business Accounting Services in Surrey

Professional accounting services can help businesses manage their finances and optimize cash flow. At HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants, we pride ourselves on being a full-service bookkeeping and accounting firm. 

We provide professional accounting services that help businesses project cash flow, prepare for audits, and manage their GST returns. We are a reliable team that is up to date on all accounting regulations and requirements.

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

We view our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing your company's profitability and efficiency. We provide financial reporting on all three levels of assurance:

Audit - An intensive examination with the highest level of assurance

Review - Some analytical procedures conducted with limited assurance

Compilation - Based upon client information provided and used primarily for internal use.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

A business can be profitable and still run into trouble due to cash flow issues. We can forecast and evaluate your company's financial condition, estimate financing requirements, and track cash-flow sources and uses.

Financial Forecasts & Projections

Forecasting is a necessity when trying to effectively manage and lead a business to profitability. From simple projections to complex financial modeling, our experienced staff can assist you in achieving your company's financial goals.


We can help you right from the start of the business reporting cycle:

  • Monthly or quarterly input
  • Assistance with setting up bookkeeping and information systems.
  • Assist with setting up and supporting account software such as Simply Accounting, and QuickBooks
  • GST Returns
  • Payroll calculations
  • Records of employment
  • Workers’ compensation reports

At HWG, Chartered Professional Accountants, we are a small team of accountants dedicated to helping businesses in the Greater Vancouver region. We have been helping clients since 1971, and bring years of experience to everyone project. To learn more about our accounting services, contact us today.